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History of Machu picchu

The amazing inca civilization, that great empire of men able to forget the extraordinary workmanship, to create an economic, social and political system considered as the most fair up to the present, benqueated an invaluable patrimony to humanity.

History of Machu Picchu was lost in the jungle and oblivion of its people but The Archaeological evidence  shows that in the 15th century Machu picchu was built during the reing of the Inca Pachakuteq, Its construction was not completed, It was then inhabited by an exclusive group of Pachacuteq’s Family (Panaca), priest, ajllas (Virgins of the Sun).

When the Spanish invaded the tahuantinsuyo, Machu picchu was abandoned systematically by order of Manco Inca The inhabitants took with them their most valuable belongings and The new archaeological evidence shows that the people who left Machu Picchu, They burned Machu Picchu  and  They were never to return ever, Nowadays  Machu picchu is the wonders of the world.

Discovery The History of Machu picchu

In 1562, The Spanish were aware of the existence of a place called Picchu but were unable to find it.

In 1875, rumors were also circulating in the city of Cusco about the existence of ancient cities located around the Machu picchu mountian, areas already visited by Agustin Lizarraga and other local farmers.

In 1900, The farmer Agustin Lizarraga settled down in the zone looking for fertile soil for his crops. The settlers MelchorArteaga, Justo A. Ochoa, Gabino Sanchez, among others had already known about Machu picchu.

In 1911, The professor of history Hiram Bingham climbed at the top of the Santuary guided by the boy Juan Pablo Alvarez, son of one of the families who lived and worked the land in some of plataforms of the Sanctuary. The merit of the North American proffesor Hiram Bingham is that He made it to be known all over the world.

In 1912, Hiram Bingham returned to Machu picchu with a new expedition, and in the years that followed(1914-1915) They excavated and researched the site. The professor of history Hiram Bingham recounts that they explored practically every square inch of the place.

What did They find in Machu picchu?

Professor Hiram Bingham returned to Machu picchu in 1912 with a new expedition, and in the years that followed(1914-1915) They excavated and researched the site. He recounts that they explored practically every square inch of the place. The excavations allowed him to piece together 555 ceramic (vases), and nearly 220 bronze, copper, and silver pieces. The stones demostrate the distinct styles of Inca art, shaped to form bracelets, earring, knives, axes, brooches and needles.

The history of Machu Picchu was being open to the world. Through the course of his excavations, Professor Hiram Bingham never found a significant amount of important cultural material amongst the residential areas, leading him to presume that few people actually inhabited Machu picchu.

In the excavations, Professor Hiram Bingham found 164 graves: 102 very young women, 22 men, 7 girls, 4 boys, and the rest infants or unidentifiable. This evidence led reserachers to suspect that the inhabitants of Machu picchu were Acllas women, Inca sun virgins.


Machu Picchu is an Incan city surrounded by temples, terraces and water channels, built on a mountaintop. It was built with huge blocks of stone joined to each other without any mortar. Today it has been designated cultural heritage of humanity in recognition of its political, religious and administrative importance during the age of the Incas.



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